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父母 & 家庭

We would like to welcome you to the family! Sending your student to college is a major life event for all families. Lincoln University is here to assist you and your student make this transition easier by providing the latest information about campus life, 重要的日子, 和事件. Through information on this site and our 居住生活 新闻letter, ResLife阅读器, we will help you stay connected to campus. We thank you for your continued support, and we welcome your ideas and feedback during your student’s LU experience.



作为父母或监护人, you are probably wondering about the best way to pay for your child’s education. 的 good news is there are many options available for financial assistance, and more than 90 percent of students here make use of these resources to meet their obligations. To be eligible for any form of financial aid, including work-study and most university-funded 奖学金, your child will first need to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. 的 财政援助办公室 can help you through this process. Our counselors work with you and your child to develop a package of resources by combining grants, 奖学金, 贷款, 以及校内工作. A college education is one of the most important investments you can make in your child’s future.

Lincoln University’s 公共安全 Department places the safety of the university community as its highest priority. If you have an emergency please contact 484-365-7211 or 484-365-8139.

Our anonymous tip line is 484-365-7799.

Resources for Lincoln Students

We want you to succeed in achieving your goals. 同样重要的是, we aim to empower you to be your very best, and to help you along the way, we provide support and tools meant to assist you in your pursuit of success.

Below, you'll find a collection of useful informational resources on a variety of topics.


  • 陆自助服务查看你的成绩, 注册课程, 获取非正式成绩单, pay your school fees: you can do it all through the Self-Service portal.
  • 电子邮件: Set up and check your Lincoln email account.
  • Canvas: Access Lincoln’s online learning management system.
  • 注册商: Contact the Office of the 注册商, who provides assistance with academic records, certification of enrollment and degrees, 主要的声明, 分级, 还有更多.
  • Langston Hughes Memorial Library: Chat with a librarian or find important research materials and books.
  • 虚拟书店-校园: Buy and sell textbooks and other materials.
  • 校园商店: Get school supplies, memorabilia, and of course, Lincoln University swag.


  • 本科教育: 全球十大外围足球平台排行 to attend Lincoln University. 你还在等什么?)
  • 探索专业: See the many majors and programs available to you.



  • 学术支持: Get assistance in registration, tutoring, mentoring, placement testing, and more.
  • 与林肯狮队交战: Find a variety of engagement opportunities offered to Lincoln students including internships and undergraduate research programs.
  • 类院长: Meet the 类院长 who serve as mentors and support figures.
  • 教务长: 学习 about the 教务长 role at Lincoln.
  • 居住生活: Find out more about living on the Lincoln campus and being part of our amazing, 紧密的社区.
  • 学生电报

Payment, Cost, and Aid Resources

  • 金融援助: Discover key resources and opportunities for paying for college.
  • 财务主管: Ask questions and get information related to fees, billing, and your student account.
  • 学费和杂费: Get a rundown of the costs related to attending Lincoln.